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4 forums where a user can make money while posting

Aug 6, 2020
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The forums below pay users to create threads or reply to posts.
For faster earnings and clever replies use the RSS Client.


WJunction - Webmasters, Web development...
Minimum Cashout: $10 in Bits
Register - https://bit.ly/wjunction-forum

Download: RSS Client for WJunction


ForumCoin - Lifestyle, Make Money discussion
Minimum Cashout: $5 = 500 ForumCoin
Register - https://bit.ly/ForumCoin-forum

Download: RSS Client for ForumCoin


ĐimeForum - Make Money Schemes
Minimum Cashout: $5 = 5000 Đime
Register - https://bit.ly/dimeforum

Download: RSS Client for ĐimeForum


BeerMoneyForum - Make Money Schemes
Minimum Cashout: $5 = 5000 BMF
Register - https://bit.ly/beer-money-forum

Download: RSS Client for BeerMoneyForum


Hyip Forum - Hypes and investing
Minimum Cashout: $5
Register - https://bit.ly/hyipforum

Download: RSS Client for Hyip Forum

More sites will be added soon...