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Updates 2020 Nullrip updates and changes!


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Apr 24, 2018
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First of all thank you everyone for becoming part of the Nullrip family.
Well, as you know I'm the owner/founder of Nullrip. At this moment we do not have much staff. We are only two-person whom maintain the whole community.
  1. @Mr_Xero (Administrator)
  2. @ApoziX (Moderator)
Well, in back to 2017 when i started our Journey as in Wordpress CMS. But some after some users request i made this Nullrip to a nulled community website.
As you know after the long three years we made many changes like Wordpress>XF1>XF2 . All these changes are only for the improvement of the community.
Still, I'm trying my best to make Nullrip easier and userfriendly.
But as my working pressure, i cannot maintain and moderate regularly. So if anyone interested to becoming staffs please let me know by inboxing me.
From the starting of 2020 to now we made some major changes and added more products.
Our major changes:

  1. Added VIP Membership
  2. Added SVIP Membership
  3. Added Marketplace as premium resources (Those products are purchased by Nullrip and it's nulled by Nullrip too.)
  4. Added Modulesgarden addons page (Will give all modules from modulesgarden with annually subscriptions for cheap from us.)
  5. Deleted some unused resource categories.
  6. Added WHMCS retail/untouched category.
  7. Added "Scammers Club" page. (List of Scammers who take advantage of our service. Purchased and download our premium products then claim to Paypal to take back money)
  1. Nullrip's core script updated to Xenforo 2 latest one.
  2. Previous dark theme removed and added new one.
  3. There is a Light theme but it will be deactivated in the future.
  4. User upgrades and Expiration alert is enabled from now.
  5. There was Error in our E-Mail sending system. It's now fixed.
More changes will be added in this post.
Feel free to suggest anything for the improvement and of course feel free to contact to Join as Staff.

Best Regards
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