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XF 2.X Addon Highlight Content per Usergroup 1.0.0

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My add-ons (and most add-ons here on XenForo) most often end up on Nulled communities for a few hours. In an attempt to limit the illegal dissemination of my work, my add-ons are now only accessible via my forum on which you will have to register and then check your XenForo license.

They will remain free until version XF 2.3. The XF 2.3 compatible versions will then all be accessible via an annual subscription (XF 2.2 versions will remain free). This is unfortunately the only way to limit this phenomenon.

In just a few clicks highlight content (discussions and messages) from different user groups:
  • Staff content
  • Banned users content (useful for quickly spotting it on large forums)
  • 4 user groups of your choice
You can choose to highlight only threads, only messages, or both.

Discussions can be highlighted in 3 ways :
  1. Main cell background color
  2. Colored left border
  3. background color and colored border (default)

Messages are highlighted only by coloring the left border of the user cell :


Administrator panel

Selection of the 4 user groups of your choice:


Usergroup content highlight settings :


Staff Content Highlight Settings :


Banned User Content Highlight Settings :


Important: In the case where members belong to several user groups, the highlighting respect a certain hierarchy, as follows (from the least priority to the most priority):
  • Usergroup 1 > Usergroup 2 > Usergroup 3 > Usergroup 4 > Banned > Staff
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